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Customer Service:

Loving Sourcing is focused on delivering excellence; we are dedicated in providing the following services:

  • Up-to-date quotations and advices
  • Market comparison/industry benchmarking
  • Enabling customers to contact us in the way they prefer – by telephone, email, online, in writing or in person;
  • Enabling customers who speak a language such as English and Cantonese to report any faults or service difficulties;
  • All the telephone calls, emails and online enquiries are answered the same day

Christmas BellFeedback and Complaints

  • Dealing with customers concerns or complaints promptly, fairly, completely and courteously, informing them of how we propose to act and how long it should take.

Privacy Policy

  • Protecting customers personal information (including phone calls and other communications) from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure;


There are multiple reasons why our current customers utilize Loving Sourcing for their sourcing needs, and why you should consider us and contact us for your sourcing needs as well:

  • Custom plan to meet YOUR needs
  • Experienced Personnel in China, Hong Kong, and US
  • Decades of experience Sourcing from Asia
  • Expert sourcing in Multiple Product Categories
  • Well-versed in Multiple Manufacturing Processes
  • Vast Accomplishment in Product Development
  • Lowest Costs Due to Low US and China overhead
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Logistics Management
  • Effective & Timely Communications
  • Transparency
  • Honesty & Trustworthiness
  • Proven Problem Solving Abilities
  • Strong linkage with best of raw material suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Intelligence to understand the buyer’s market & provide business solutions.

The bottom line is "Improving your bottom line".  We have accomplished this purpose for multiple customers over the years, and we look forward and enjoy the challenge involved in making our customers even more successful in their businesses