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Happy Halloween Products

16 in Printed Felt Hanging Decor

Felt Halloween Headband

Item #: 011002

Felt Hanging Bag

Plastic Heart and Brain w/ Tray

Item #: 012002

14in Balloon Weight Hologram

3D Mirror Wall Decoration

Item #: 014001

12CT Plastic halloween Eggs.

Plastic Ras with Squeak Sound

Item #: 012003

8Ct Plastic Mulipack Eggs

Metallic Tinsel hanging Spider

Item #: 015001

6CT 2.5in Foam halloween Eggs.

Witch Hat w Braids & Headband

Item #: 011004

20CT EVA Foam Craft Shapes

20CT EVA Foam Craft Shapes

Item #: 013001

2OZ 4 Colors halloween Grass

3CT 60" Beaded Necklace

Item #: 012004

25gm Paper Shreds Superfine

Satin Halloween Priate Hat

Item #: 011005

Felt halloween Gift Bag

17" Halloween Long Gloves

Item #: 011006

14-16 inch Felt Wall Decor

Long Stem Glittered Black Rose

Item #: 019001

14in Tinsel Wall Decoration

Metal Door Hanger with Bells

Item #: 017001