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About us:

About UsLoving Sourcing is a professional Seasonal Manufacturer based in Hong Kong and equipped with manufacturing facilities in mainland China with years of experiences and expertise. We specialized particularly in Festival Items, Decorations, Crafts, Party Favors and Toys & Gifts ranged from Paper, Plastic, EVA Foam, Felt to many other categories with great varieties at competitive prices and flexible services. Our vision exists today as the founding principle but has been extended to benefit customers and companies residing in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

We believe in mutual business relationship and valued customers own ideas and perception of a product, that’s why we are flexible in our product designs and help our customers to realize their imaginations into a product of their own. We continuously seeking high quality services, sustain product development and building long term beneficial partnership.

Through the dedicated and highly focused operations of its specialists, Loving Sourcing Co., LTD is able to offer the complete 'supply chain' of seasonal products and services from product development, purchasing, production to service and shipping mechanism. We ensure the prompt and effective services by well-equipped facilities and determined support from our business partners, manufactures and our valuable workers.

Our commitment is clear and focus, we aim to serve our customers by providing the best products and services at the best prices in order to fulfill their ultimate needs. Loving Sourcing is firmly focusing in the following key areas:-

Festival Supplies:  Each year, people are celebrating a variety of seasonal holidays mainly Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and many more. We supply abundant products categories from Decorations, Gifts, and Party Fun to Dress up items to flourish colorfulness of the seasons.

Everyday Supplies:  We understand customers’ needs exist beyond just seasonal holidays, products like DIY craft, gift bags, accessories and stationery are our target products since they are the basic and essential needs.

Toys & Gifts Supplies:  We focus on specific toys & gifts area as they take possession of our customers’ businesses. We take thoughtful attention to people’s plaything and present, and try to provide the best products to ensure the joy and significance of people receiving these products.